The Benefits of Installing Exterior Accent Lighting to Your NJ Home for Sale

Some unexpected advantages for your NJ home for sale

Exterior lighting comes in various forms and can be an easy and cost-effective addition to your outdoor landscaping design while increasing the value of NJ homes for sale. Contrary to some opinions, you do not need to be a professional or hire a team of specialists to have a beautifully landscaped exterior. Just about any homeowner can install accent lighting to complement their lawn and garden with some imagination and determination. Here are 7 ways accent lighting outside the home can add beauty and value to any NJ homes for sale:

1. Exterior lighting is beneficial all year.

From those cool winter nights to balmy summer evenings, landscape lighting can be enjoyed all year long. It can also create a more livable outdoor environment for your family.

2. Accent lighting provides your NJ home for sale with outdoor beauty.

Accent lighting can offer a number of aesthetic benefits such as highlighting, revealing, or even concealing the features of your home. When installed correctly, it can create pleasing silhouettes and shadows using trees, bushes or other landscaping. For example, antique post lanterns create an atmosphere filled with glowing warmth to any outdoor environment.

3. Better usage of your NJ home for sale.

One of the benefits of home ownership is being able to have your own yard and having the freedom to personalize and landscape it as you wish. Outdoor lighting can highlight the special features of your yard such as swimming pools, ponds and gazebos and make your home a more enjoyable place to spend your time.

4. Exterior lighting fixtures offer security and safety.

Security lighting has been proven to deter home invasions and vandalism. Motion-detectors, timer lighting and light sensors are a few types of beneficial lighting that can improve the safety and security of NJ homes for sale. In addition, pathway illumination lighting can provide peace of mind in the prevention of accidents while emphasizing the charm of your home.

5. Landscape lighting can increase the value of your NJ home for sale.

Creative lighting techniques can showcase the outdoor beauty of your home and its landscape design. Potential buyers will be drawn to a home that is well cared for on the exterior and will be likely to further inquire about what the home’s interior can offer.

6. Low-voltage landscape lighting is cost-effective.

Outdoor lighting that is low voltage is typically comprised of smaller bulbs allowing for more flexibility in placement and creative techniques. They are easy to set up and are specifically designed for damp locations and safe operation. The greatest benefit is the amount that can be saved on electric bills by installing a low voltage outdoor system.

7. Solar landscape lighting can be one of your best investments.

One of the most recent and popular lighting used by the landscaping industry is solar landscape lighting. This type of fixture is simple to install and does not require transformers or wiring to prevent underground digging. Solar exterior lighting captures the daylight and stores energy until sunset when it automatically turns on. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, solar landscape lighting can be the perfect finishing touch to the landscape of any NJ homes for sale.

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