Advice from Realtors in Highlands, NJ on How to Set Up a Virtual Tour

Tips from Realtors in Highlands, NJ on how setting up the right virtual tour can help your home sell more quickly

Today, over 80% of home buyers start their search online, and 60% take virtual tours online. Virtual tours literally take you inside homes for sale and provide full 360-degree views of rooms or the entire home itself. In general, there are two types: flat-screen views in which you are provided with a moving image that you do not control; and interactive in which you click and drag your computer mouse around the whole room including the floor, walls, and ceiling. In order to make your home look its best and give it the most exposure, staging is necessary. Below are ways in which you can do so:

Determine the most striking aspect of the room and start and end the tour with that.

For example, if imported granite countertops are the most appealing feature of the kitchen, Realtors in Highlands, NJ suggest you begin the tour focused on that and then spin around the room and back to the counters to end the tour of that room.

Determine the highlights of each room.

According to Realtors in Highlands, NJ, the best way to determine a room’s standout features is to take a photo yourself and upload it to a computer. This will allow you to better study the room to determine its appeal as well as best angle. Print these photos and submit them to your photographer to copy what you have done and how you would like rooms to appear in the virtual tour.

Move unflattering furniture to another room suggest Highlands NJ Realtors.

Before your photographer begins shooting, Realtors in Highlands, NJ suggest determining which furniture is unnecessary and remove it from the room. Bulky and excess items will only crowd the room and make it appear smaller in the tour. You want to always depict the mood of open and clutter-free clean space to the potential buyers.

Select the most appropriate corner of the room for equipment setup.

This is a crucial step because you want to ensure the entire room will be shot with the widest range of view for the tour. Keep in mind that you do not want viewers to end up looking at a close-up of the wall in an adjacent room.

Adjust the camera to provide the best angle say Highlands NJ Realtors.

Sometimes the height of the camera can make a room appear smaller or show a reflection of the glare in a window. By correcting the camera’s angle, the space being filmed can be portrayed in its best light for the tour.

Take advantage of additional features recommend Highlands NJ Realtors.

One example of this is inserting audio in the virtual tour to further capture your audience. You can either speak and point out the specific features of the home or choose soothing and inspiring music to play in the background while the tour of the home is being viewed.

Be creative with text.

After the virtual tour is complete, Highlands, NJ Realtors say you will want to work on the marketing aspect of it to grab the attention of the potential buyer. Many virtual tours provide ample space to make comments on each slide of the tour. When creating text, you will want to use the most imaginative and engaging verbs and nouns to make your description stand out and capture the dynamic of each room.

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