6 Don’ts for Your NJ Real Estate Listing

What will surely turn potential buyers off when your NJ real estate home is listed for sale

When you sell your home in this buyers market, many factors can work against you. Your NJ real estate listing should not be one of them. Below you will find 6 things that buyers and their agents usually see as red flags in a listing and how to avoid them.

No Photos

Including photos in a listing should be a definite, however surprisingly sellers and some realtors will list properties without pictures. This can be a major red flag in the eyes of a buyer as they believe the home might have major imperfections. According to top NJ real estate agents, a listing should contain about twelve photos in order to convey a good sense of the property to potential buyers. For example, if the listing emphasizes a great view, you should have a photo of the view to showcase that feature.

Underpricing the Home

Although a low price sounds like a great way to attract buyers, if it is too low this strategy can backfire. Generally, several buyers will be attracted to the low asking price initially, and eventually, the sale price will climb close to market value as competing offers bid up the price. Another scenario is the possibility that a low price will attract unqualified buyers in search of a great bargain. If this case, the home will not sell at all, and the seller will have devalued the property with a low list price. The best thing to do is to hire a knowledgeable NJ real estate agent with experience before listing your home for sale.

Hinting at a Flip

Phrases such as “newly remodeled” and “recently updated” can be red flags to some buyers because they could be indicators of a seller seeking to flip the home for a profit. Although a lack of proper permits might be a headache for a buyer, buyers of flipped homes sometimes find that the quality of the home is in major disrepair, and many times not worth the deal they are getting. If you are selling a newly remodeled home, it is wise to emphasize that the work was properly permitted and executed at a level with which any homeowner would be happy.

6 Don'ts for Your NJ Real Estate Listing

Lack of Transaction Details

NJ real estate home buyers have learned so much regarding the purchase of distressed properties whether they are short sales or foreclosures, especially over the past couple years. However, that experience has not always been a good one, and a big warning is a distressed-property listing without transaction details. The more parties involved in the transaction, the more complicated it can be, and short-sellers who are upfront about the deal stand a far better chance of attracting the right buyer at the best time.


An NJ real estate listing that claims to offer the “best property on the market” might actually detract potential buyers. While creativity should be maximized in order to market a listing, these claims can be highly subjective and can be interpreted in many ways by different buyers. The listing could initially provide buyers with a false hope, and they can be very disappointed if it does not live up to their expectations in the end. As an alternative to describing their home as “the best,” sellers should take a more realistic approach and focus on adjectives that are flattering and that open discussion for other opinions.

Selling the Property in “As Is” Condition

Selling an NJ real estate property in “as is” condition is common, and should not be a deal-breaker. However, when the phrase is seen in a listing, buyers can proceed cautiously. The words “as is” can be an indication that the previous owners removed everything of value from the home such as appliances and copper wiring. Although listing a property’s deficiencies has its negatives, NJ real estate agents believe it is better to specify the improvements that a buyer would make, rather than saying “as is.”

The real estate market is changing rapidly and expanding into new avenues almost daily. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the answers you need on a specific topic or issue. In times like these, you need a real estate professional who will provide valuable information and trustworthy advice. For more information on NJ real estate, call us today or click here to be connected with one of our top real estate specialists.